Meet Sarah Lamb

Sarah Lamb

Sarah is currently available for immediate contract or full time work and is based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Previously she worked at Ltd and by the end of her 4 years at the company worked hard to achieve the position of Vice President of Product Marketing in 2021. Sarah has a passion for marketing, technology and product strategy. She is highly driven and hard working, if this is someone you think would be an asset to your business please do get in touch.

In 2004 alongside her day job Sarah founded the international community group Girl Geek Dinners which are now a global phenomenon and these events are still running today. Sarah has spoken at various events around the world on the subjects of social media and women in technology including at the United Nations.

Sarah has an undergraduate degree in Computation from UMIST and Masters of Enterprise degree in Computation from Manchester University and enjoys using both her technical and social media skills to improve and enhance startups and large businesses alike.